Soil less Cultivation

Soil less Cultivation

Soil less Cultivation

I recently experimented the NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system of Hydroponics in a customized form. While Hydroponics uses nutrient solution to feed the plants, most of the solutions are inorganic which I don’t want to use. So I customized the framework with few PVC pipes as my grow bed to produce greens with organic manures. These are the items I used to implement my idea of soil less cultivation.

1. PVC pipes, cut out with holes at equal intervals to sow seeds and growing

2. Coco peat as a growing medium

3. Vermi compost and dried cow manure for nutrient feed

4. Panchagavya for plants growth and immunity

5. Regular watering as needed

6. NO Soil (red sand, clay or potting mix)

Took 2 varieties of green seeds (Siru Keerai & Arai Keerai – in Tamil), type of spinach varieties.

Initial set up at by balcony space plus weekly Status:

Week 2 Status: Seeds Germinated, normally germination happens once your growing medium is matured after couple of yields.

Week 4 Status: Plants started growing, 4 to 5 inches of growth.

Week 6: Grown enough to harvest.

The idea really worked out and very happy to harvest the 1st produce from my soil less vertical hanging garden in balcony. Faster, easier, fresh, organic green right from your own balcony to the kitchen with much better taste.

Now the grow bed after a week’s time of cool off and with little manure and coco peat top up ready for next round of seeds. With proper space and planting timelines, you will be able to get fresh green produce all through the week.

Happy Gardening!


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  • Woowww… Looks so fresh and it gives immense pleasure when you eat that we have produced on our own. Good initiative and need to spread this and to be followed by all the urban people to have a health life. Keep going. !!

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