Welcome To Green Adda

Welcome To Green Adda

Welcome To Green Adda

Welcome to GREEN ADDA, a place to learn and share organic farming techniques and home gardening ways to grow organic veggies, greens and herbs in our backyard, balcony, and terrace, indoor or outdoor and realize the importance of buying organic products and using green energy.

We will not be able to change and control how each one of our environment, society, life style is changing around us with the advancements in technology and what not. While we all know we don’t have control on 80% of things what’s going around us and can only control 20% of the changes why not we focus on that 20% which is our circle of influence and try to create an ecosystem that will give you more benefits. One of the key way to bring in that change is every home must have a little garden or green space which is used to produce few veggies, greens, herbs or some basic fresh organic items whichever is doable with the limitation we have.

Best way to bring in any positive change in our society will have to start from our own family and younger generation. Involving kids in gardening and agriculture is the easy way to keep them engaged and at the same time bring in the value of farming at young age. While kids/younger generation engage in farming, they will realize the importance and difficulties involved in producing food. This will stop them from wasting food and value farmers, agriculture and the need to have a green environment which is clean and healthy and organic.

With the help of technology, we will try to overcome the space constraints in urban area and will still be able to produce food at our own local area and consume it fresh. We will learn some of the new ways of gardening and agriculture with the help of technology advancements. Different ways to produce our own organic fertilizers (Composting, Vermicomposting, Azolla etc.) While doing so our focus will always be Organic and nothing else. Some of the techniques we will learn about are Aquaponics and Hydroponics (Organic way) which are the 2 different ways of Soil less cultivation possible as of now.

This forum will also be expanded to an education forum and store at some point in time where you can attend workshops and shop your gardening supplies.

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  • Congrats Viswa on such a nice simple blog bringing farming in few pointers, The blog really inspires us to take up more and way it is explained makes it easy for any one to pick and do and I am sure you will be there for consultancy 🙂 . Just a question on balcony farming , wont that plastic pipes be rusty especially with water , is there a way we can overcome if there is any ..?.. Keep continuing ..we shall follow this regularly ..

  • Thanks Rajesh for your comments, those are PVC pipes which works perfectly fine in water. Coco peat absorbs excess water, which is another benefit of using it as grow medium.

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