About Author

About Author

My name is Viswa, I would like to introduce myself as an urban farmer with 2 years of organic gardening/horticulture experience, a certified organic composter and over 15 years of experience in Information Technology (Software Engineer).

In the year 2014, I happen to read some articles and success stories of few entrepreneurs who were doing something different than others thriving to save our mother nature. It kindled some thought process in me and started realizing how far and unrealistic we as human beings are evolving in the name of technology, competition, and race to accumulate wealth. In the midst we completely forgot about the very basic need of our existence, which is food and agriculture. I then started to grow my own veggies, greens etc. and trust me the feeling and satisfaction you will have growing stuffs is very unique and cannot be earned anywhere else. We cannot stop where the world is taking us with technology advancements but at the least we can grow/produce our own organic food, eat and live healthy which is the most important thing in our life apart from anything else.

Join me in this new race towards creating a healthy, happy, safe and organic life style.

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